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About the theater

History of Meskheti Theater 1874  It starts from Over the years, it has changed its status many times, and since 1967 it has been called the State Drama Theater of Meskheti.

Every season, the theater prepares 6-7 premiere performances by directors with high creative authority.

Meskheti Theater has received the highest awards from many international theater festivals. Throughout his existence, he often conducted tours both abroad and in the capital of Georgia and various regions, which was followed by great recognition and popularity.

The main distinguishing feature of the Meskheti State Theater throughout its existence was and is youthful attitude and enthusiasm.  Since its establishment, the creative process has not stopped in the theater. The repertoire of the theater includes the works of both world and Georgian classical and modern writers.

The theater holds a national drama festival every two years, in which 20-25  Leading theater groups.

Theater director Irakli Atunashvili


He was born on March 18, 1977 in the city of Akhaltsikhe.

Profession - jurisprudence


married. He has a wife and two children

1452844153_lia-suluashvili (1).jpg

Artistic director of the theater -

Lia Suluashvili

Education: Shota Rustaveli Theater of Georgia  and cinema    State   Directing Faculty of the University.

Tbilisi Cultural-Educational School of Artistic Self-Acting - Faculty of Acting.

Theater director from 1994 to 2013. Artistic director of Meskheti Theater from 2013 to present.

What will the Meskheti Theater look like after the rehabilitation?

Theater employees

Nikoloz Atunashvili - Meskheti State Drama Theater lawyer
Maya Gelashvili - chief accountant
Zhuzhuna Lomidze - accountant
Shalva Tabatadze - administrator
Marine Gvirjishvili - coordinator of the procurement agency
Nestani Afriamashvili - Head of Chancellery
Elene Kveselava - stage manager
Nana Koranashvili - costume designer
Lela Feradze - artist-scenographer
Larisa Malkhasian - technical director
Anzor Dalalishvili - Head of the Economic Department
Nazibrola Bardzimadze - Head of Wardrobe
Zaira Gachechiladze - warehouse manager
Nana Gvaladze - requisitionist
Irma Kovziashvili-Grimior
Tamta Inasaridze - tailor
Mamuka Tabatadze - main illuminator
Beka Janashvili - sound operator

Natela Mikeladze - controller

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