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At the head of the Meskheti Theater, the beats of love and the unforgettable "Tashi Nazo"

Actress Lia Suluashvili has been on stage for 50 years and has played more than a hundred character roles.

Mrs. Lia came to the Meskheti Theater at the time when Georgian theater began to revive in this area. Today, he is the artistic director of this historical theater and is often invited to play character roles in popular Georgian TV series. We contacted him and asked him to recall important moments for the theater and memorable episodes of his life as an actor.

- Mrs. Lia, when the revival of Meskheti began in the 60s, the Georgian theater played a big role in it, at that time you were also at the head of the theater...

— Yes, in 1967 the revival of the Georgian theater in Meskheti began and the theater was granted state status. Then a group of 17 people were sent to Meskheti and our "merciless" work began... I played in almost every play during the season, I was so busy that I had a busy schedule, we were young actors and we hardly left the theater. This was followed by the recognition and love of the audience. We did not lack support and support from the government either. All this made me settle in Meskheti, although I had two invitations from the Marjanishvili Theater and more than one invitation from other theaters as well, but I couldn't, I couldn't resist the temptations that are called duty and love. I have spent my whole life in this theater and I am still here today.

- Meskheti Theater saved the Georgian soul here...

— You know what it is, the theater played a big role not only in saving the Georgian soul, but also in shaping the aesthetic taste of the audience in this corner. I fell in love with this area with all my heart and it was hard for me to leave... So I stayed in this ancient indigenous Georgian, Meskhi land, where I love everything: my audience, my city, rock, stone, river, streets, mountain - here everything is native and close. If it weren't for this love, no one would have stopped me here, especially since I have no relatives and friends in this corner.

- Ms. Lia, the director Malkhaz Aslamazishvili added a three-minute role especially for you in his play "Suspicious Person" and your hero caused an ovation in the hall.

— Yes, it was Branislav Nusic's play "Suspicious Person", the translation of which belongs to the director himself. The premiere was successful. At first, this role was not really there. The poster of the play was already specified and all the roles were distributed, so I could not imagine that the director would think of something specifically for me in this play... When he offered me the character role of a janitor, I initially took it as a joke, but I did not let it go, he assured me that this is not an ordinary janitor, he is inside the coat " Pagons too", that is, he has a rank and so on. It's a fragmentary role and I told him, maybe it's not worth adding it... He said to me: Mrs. Lia, you can't imagine how much energy, emotion and mood we can bring to the stage, and I agreed.

- Can an actor tell the audience exactly what kind of person his hero is and how he lived in three minutes?

— having the experience of the actor, the category, the talent given by the Lord, everything together is necessary. I can't say that I didn't sleep at night thinking about this role, that would be a frivolous statement from me. The director completely entrusted me to open the role. In those days, my leg hurt and I refrained from entering the stage, but to cheer up Malkhaz and the actors, I decided to try in a second. The artist made me a suitable costume and I limped onto the stage with a broom in my armpit. With a threatening intonation, I made some strange interludes and left... The cheering and applause of the director and actors did not stop for a long time. I realized that this was the face that the director needed in this particular scene... Then the reaction of the audience at the premiere convinced us of the character's victory. I am very glad that you justified the director's idea with my own sarcasm and performance.

- Have you met many such people in your life, who are different and show themselves differently to people?

— Unfortunately, everyone plays a role in life, I have met such people many times... You know that acting is human science. Based on my many years of experience, if I look at a person, I already know who they are. I am almost never wrong in recognizing its inner nature. As for working on a serious role, I think a lot about what my hero might be like, what qualities, mannerisms, character, etc. There was a case when I created some face spontaneously.

- Remember unforgettable meetings with famous actors and directors...

— Fortunately, I had to work with many talented and recognized directors, all my achievements and victories are thanks to them, but I would especially highlight the first successful tour in the Marjanishvili Theater, when I played in Guram Matskhonashvili's play "Mechdatzemuli Kakali". It was 1969. This performance brought me great success. The audience still calls me "Tashi Nazoo" by the name of that hero, which makes me very happy and amused. The most unforgettable was the meeting with Givi Berikashvili in the play "Yadona Theater" staged by Avto Varsimashvili. I was happy to partner with such a talented professional. I became friends from that day

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