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Manana Beridze
The winner of the Medal of Honor, has performed roles in a number of documentaries and feature films. He received the first prize for the best performance of an episodic role in the play "Vegetable in the Conflict Zone". "I want to become Kneina" - Grand Prix.   At the international festival of Ukraine, he received a special prize called "Master of the Stage".


Performed roles:

Antigone - "Antigone" director, Zura Sikharulidze.

Nikoli "Gaaznaurevi Mdabio" director, Tamila Patashuri.

Mariutka - "Forty-first of Lavreniev" director, Giorgi Shalutashvili.

Death - "Bloody Wedding" Director, Tamila Patashuri.

Keto- "What did the lullaby do?" directed by Zura Sikharulidze

Darejani - "Once only he was asleep" director, Tamila Patashuri.

Guyane- "Treason" director, Giorgi Shalutashvili.

Khanuma - "Marshall de Fantier's Diamond" director, Giorgi Shalutashvili.

Fatsia - "Yesterday's" director, Zura Sikharulidze.

Visi - "Visia Visia" director, Ilo Matskhonashvili.

Taso - "I'm in trouble with my brain" director, Nukri Konstantinov.

Lali - "Then what if it is wet, wet lilac" director, Tamaz Imnadze

Viki - "Theatre Noise Behind the Stage" director, Tamaz Imnadze.

Lena - "It's spring behind the racks" director, Lia Suluashvili.

Lika - "Year of the Red Dragon" director, Lia Suluashvili.

Magda - "Sweet, sad scent of vanilla" director, Giorgi Shalutashvili.

Raimonda - "Worm of Suspicion" director, Nugzar Lortkipanidze.

Annie - "Maid" director, Kakha Gogidze.

"Jean Cocteau's human voice" - Tamaz Imnadze.

Magician - "Puss in Boots" director, Lia Suluashvili.

Martikuna "Uchin Machini's Hat" director, Zurab Sikharulidze.

Smeraldina - "Servant of two masters" director, Nugzar Lortkipanidze.

Mary - "Tame Mimino" director, Lia Suluashvili.

Anhelina - "Third Word" director, Nugzar Lortkipanidze.

Sostrata - "Mandragora" director, Malkhaz Aslamazashvili.

Maro-"God protect us and people" director, Kakha Gogidze.

Pepita-"Blaze" director, Soso Nemsadze.

Vachari - "Sherkenilni" director, Soso Nemsadze.

Host - "Mother Courage and her Sons" director, Lia Suluashvili.

Marta - "Balcony" director, Giorgi Shalutashvili.

Tatela-"Divorce" directed by Kakha Gogidze.

Nunu Vardosanidze - "Naftalin" director, Irakli Gogia.

Maiko - "Butiaoba" director, Soso Nemsadze.

Kneina - "I want to become Kneina" director, Giorgi Shalutashvili.

Mariami - "Roads to you" Kakha Gogidze.

Berta - "Rose and Crown" director, Tamaz Imnadze.

Babulia is the director of "Vegetable in the Conflict Zone", Giorgi Shalutashvili.

Maggie - "My Women and Daughters" director, Giorgi Shalutashvili.

Khoreshan-"Who?" Director, Kakha Gogidze.

Clown - "Paper Rain" director, Nikoloz Sabashvili.

Salome - "Where my house is" directed by Kakha Gogidze.

Klitermenstra-"Flies" director, Zura Sikharulidze

Conductor - "Untitled Star" director, Malkhaz Aslamazashvili.

Slow - "Dancing Tango" director, Kakha Gogidze.

Amalia - "Carousel" director, Giorgi Shalutashvili.

Mary - "The Internet caught" director, Zura Sikharulidze.

Conchita - "Consoling the widow" director, Kakha Gogidze

Nana - "Saret of the former" director, Davit Chkhartishvili.

Tina - "Matrobs da Khimblav" directed by Kakha Gogidze.

Elisabed - "First they killed, then they got married" director, Kakha Gogidze.

Christina - "Honeymoon" director, Giorgi Shalutashvili.

Miladin - "Suspicious Person" director, Malkhaz Aslamazashvili.

Eliso- "We are playing a friendly family" director, Nino Shotadze.

Giuli - "Ghia Shushabandi" director, Kakha Gogidze.

Whitney-"Thirst" director, Soso Bakuradze.

Arina - "Marriage" director, Sergey Pavliuk.

Babulia - Director of "Vegetable in the Conflict Zone", Giorgi Shalutashvili.

Margo - "Sunny Night" director, Lia Suluashvili.

Muchi - "Fraud and love" director, Malkhaz Aslamazashvili.

Director of "Vaudevillians" Kakha Gogidze.

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