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Ani is chubby


Performed roles:

  • Amelia - "Trees are dying in heaven" director, Nugzar Lortkipanidze.

  • Katie - "Where my house is" directed by Kakha Gogidze.

  •   Luba - "The Train Comes" director, Soso Bakuradze.

  • Rafaela - "Consoler with the widow" director, Kakha Gogidze.

  • Elmir - "Cartufi" director, Zura Sikharulidze.

  • Peasant woman - "Kvarkvare" director, Nikoloz Sabashvili 

  • Nurse and Maid - "Letters of a Madman" directed by Soso Nemsadze.

  •  "Wife and husband under the bed" director, Soso Nemsadze.

  • Nora "Nora" director, Gabriel Goshadze.

  • "Thirst" director, Ioseb Bakuradze.

  • Cat - "Puss in Boots" director, Lia Suluashvili.

  • Martha - "First they killed, then they got married" director, Kakha Gogidze.

  •   Lina - "Honeymoon" director, Giorgi Shalutashvili.

  • Yosa - "Suspicious Person" director, Malkhaz Aslamazashvili.

  • Elisabed - "We play a friendly family" director, Nino Shotadze.

  • Liza - "What You've Seen You Can't See Again" director, Kakha Gogidze.

  • Chorus-"Guest-Host" director, Vano Khutsishvili.

  • Moni-"Thirst" director,  Soso Bakuradze.

  •  "If tomorrow does not come" director, Adrei Savastei

  •  Woman-"Until the tears tear us apart"  Director, Radu Gilas.

  • Lika "3+1=2!!" Director, Kakha Gogidze. 

  • Guliko-"Sunny night" director, Lia Suluashvili.

  • Bette Johnson-"Funny Money"   director, Giorgi Klein.

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